~ Happy Friday everyone ~

~My Beloved Childhood Home ~

As we approach the Holiday’s, my wish for you is that you take a moment and look around and be grateful for all you have. It may be that you are feeling not grateful this time of years. The is normal, everyone gets overwhelmed at times. Just remember to breath and take a break from it all. Find some way that allows you to self-love. A cup of hot chocolate, and people watching, a delish hot soapy bath, find a small inexpensive way to treat you as we near the end of the shopping, sales, and crowds.

~ Growing Up Stacy ~ Friday memory from my childhood ~ Friday’s in our home were exciting; it meant a world of new things for the Winter time. Snow was on the ground, we could play in the yard, we could have snowball fights with each other. Those were simpler times, I would escape to my favorite secret place on the blue rocks near the Ocean, where no one knew where I was. Friday’s evenings were especially exciting – Mom could go grocery shopping again and we all would get McDonalds!

Spending time with my brothers and sisters ~ I hope your Friday brings a happy memory of your past ~ Friday’s are a good day ~