Picture this, it’s 2019

All you can think about is what is next, panic sets in, you didn’t shop on Black Friday or Cyber Monday…Oh NO……Take a breath your family loves you, loves every inch of you for who you are. You work hard, maybe you’re unemployed, maybe your just sad. It’s ok. Embrace your feelings, love yourself more to know that you showing up is enough for everyone. I remember a holiday with my huge family, I had just got laid off, no $$. I told everyone I couldn’t shop for them. They said “hey that is fine”, you see I’m the one who overshops, I’m the one who is paying the credit card for the rest of the year.

You know what happened, we had a great dinner that my Mom provided, and I was just so at peace knowing the pressure was off.

What are you feeling? It’s fine to just show up!