It’s the Holiday season, how are we coping?

Are we spending too much, are we committing to visits we don’t want to go to? Why, what is driving this in you? Why do we do this to ourselves? I invite you to share your current thoughts, stressers, and let’s talk about it in a safe private place. How many of go into debt over feeling like “we have to buy this”. The funny thing is…..will that toy be broken in a week? Will that candle ever be lit? Share your thoughts.

How do we as a group of people who want to show and experience the joy of the holidays cope with the aftermath. I’ve decided after years of overspending, over pleasing to pause and ask myself, why? Family pressure? The funniest thing I heard was “A budget is telling your money where it goes, instead of where it went.

Take care of yourself, take a hot bath…..thoughts?